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Golfsmith Clubmakers Beam Balance Scale

    Golfsmith Clubmakers Beam Balance Scale
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    Product Description

    Golfsmith's most popular and economical 14" fulcrum Beam Balance Scale is suitable for use by custom clubmakers, repair shops, golf professionals and golf club manufacturers.

    The slide weight has been engineered to slide under the fulcrum, increasing accuracy and ensuring more precise dampening of the scale for any reading. Designed to be priced at an affordable level for clubmaking shops of all sizes, the Beam Balance Scale, made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, features two precision indicators for accurate swingweight readings. The scale reads Lorythimic swingweight from A0 to G0 directly below the front edge of the slide weight (closest to the clubhead). For total or staic weight, place the club in the grooves perpendicular to the balance beam and the movable weight reveals the total weight in ounces or grams.



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