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Golfsmith Digital Swingweight Scale

    Golfsmith Digital Swingweight Scale
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    Ref: MASW-TL196
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    Product Description

    Accurate, affordable and easy to use, the Professional Digital Swingweight Scale eliminates all manual movement of slide weights on conventional swingweight scales. Based on 14" Lorythmic standard of swing weight measurement, the scale will read swing weight accurately in 0.3 swing weight point increments in the A through F Lorythmic scale.

    In addition to reading total weight in grams or ounces, this scale does something no other digital scale does — it reads Lorythmic swingweight before the grip is installed. Simply place the un-gripped club on the scale, lay the grip next to the shaft butt, and the scale automatically registers the swingweight of the club.


    - Instant swingweight and total weight readings without any delay caused by manipulating a slide weight
    - Can easily be re-calibrated to maintain complete accuracy
    - Instruction manual included.



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