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Golfsmith Pro Frequency Analyser

    Golfsmith Pro Frequency Analyser
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    Ref: MASW-TL195
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    Product Description

    The Golfsmith Frequency Analyser is the industry's state-of-the-art measurement device for determining shaft frequency characteristics. Able to measure in both cycles per minute (cpm) and hertz for precision data acquisition, selectable measurement modes offer readings up to 1,000 cpm.


    - Strain gauge based sensing technology for accurate shaft frequency measurement
    - Shielded electronics against electromagnetic interference
    - Expanded shaft frequency measuring range from as low as 90 cpm to 1,000 cpm
    - Five-digit liquid crystal display with selectable resolution for whole numbers to tenths or hundredths
    - Averaging mode can be adjusted to average from 2 to 5 measurements
    - Analog signal out function allows you to listen, watch and measure the shaft via a computer interface, PC sound card and shareware software (function is provided but not supported).
    - RS-232 Connector PC interface.
    - Single-dial speed handle and torque limiting knob screw make clamping fast and easy without fear of over tightening
    - All-aluminium construction (T6 heat treated, silver blasted and anodised). Metal housing is also finished with a durable enamel coating
    - 205-gram tip weight (ASTM standard) included with each purchase (extras sold separately)



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