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Graphite Design YS Series Shafts

YS Series

Graphite Design's unique technologies - Material Stiffness Integration and GD Flex control - with weight classes to provide golfers of all skill levels with added distance and accuracy.
MSI refers to the unique materials developed by Graphite Design that enhance the performance and feel of the shafts. GD Flex ensures the performance bend characteristics of each shaft throughout its length.

(.335" tip)

Bend Point: YS-5+ (Low/Mid); YS-6+ (Mid); YS-7+ (Mid/High); YS-9.1+ (Mid)

YS Spec Sheet

YS Spec Sheet
    • Graphite Design YS-6+ .335 Shaft

      Graphite Design YS-6+ .335 Shaft

      59.99 Inc VAT
      • Graphite Design YS 6 .350 Shaft - Stiff Flex (old graphics)

        Graphite Design YS 6 .350 Shaft - Stiff Flex (old graphics)

        29.99 Inc VAT
        • Graphite Design YS-7+ .335 Shaft

          Graphite Design YS-7+ .335 Shaft

          59.99 Inc VAT