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Harrison MBMUGEN BLACK 60 Golf Shaft Regular Flex

    Harrison MBMUGEN BLACK 60 Golf Shaft Regular Flex
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    Product Description

    The Mugen Black features two of our most promising technologies: Active Response Technology (ART) and Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs). The ART design focuses down-swing energy, like a cross bow pulled taut, to generate exceptional shaft recovery. In this implementation, light weight SWNTs are positioned near the tip to provide enhanced strength and stability, while Ultra Thin Ply (UTP) satellite grade graphite constitutes its building blocks. To provide the best fit for golfers seeking exceptional performance, the Dynamic Flex Profile (DFP) is incorporated to produce ideal launch dynamic for varied swings.
    Tip sizeFlexWeightTip FlexTorqueKick PointLength
    .355R, S, X60DFP2.9Mid46"



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