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SMT 303CB1 Iron Head

    SMT 303CB1 Iron Head
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      303 CB1 - The most forgiving of the three models with a full cavity back design meant to get the ball airborne as quickly as possible for players of all skill levels. This iron head produces the highest spin profile and highest trajectory of the line. Ultimate forgiveness, soft feel and deadly accuracy are what you should expect from the CB1.

      The 303 Series irons have exceeded every sales forecast set and continue to set new sales records worldwide!

      When we first noticed that mixed or combination iron sets were accepted in the industry, we set out to take the idea one step further…or perhaps three steps further.

      The 303 Series iron heads were born. Simply listening to customer comments on mixed iron sets, where some of the irons were very hybrid-like, we noticed immediately that many golfers were confused at how to use a hybrid, let alone a hybrid style iron. Are you supposed to sweep it like a wood, or hit down and through it like you would an iron? We thought that the game is hard enough without giving players more to think about than necessary, so we made each of the three models of heads that comprise this award winning set of irons, the very same specs as well as overall appearance at address.

      All three models of SMT irons are produced in soft cast 303 stainless steel. This allowed us to produce very tight specs throughout the series and still allow us to have a line of precision crafted iron heads that were adjustable for loft and lie to best fit each individual golfer.

      We wanted to then make them unlike anything else on the market and took the time to CNC mill each face to be perfectly flat and then we set about cutting in the scorelines one at a time with a milling machine to be sure that your new irons would retain the integrity of the original design. We didn't just stamp these clubheads out. These are true works of art, and your scores will reflect that.

      SMT clubs supplied with Black Wrap SMT golf grip and matching ferrule free of charge.

      Clubhead only - Shaft not included


      BrandSMT Golf

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