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SMT Golf Encore Driver Head

    SMT Golf Encore Driver Head
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      Encore… the perfect name for this deep faced beauty, as it was created to be the "big brother" to the ever popular Spectrum clubhead.

      While this is a large clubhead, you really don't get that feeling at address. We wanted to bring something different to the award winning lineup of SMT products, and the Encore is the only head in the line with a higher center of gravity to produce a markedly lower spin profile and launch angle over similarly lofted heads that you will find in the rest of this catalog.

      Its unique stovepipe matte black finish, like the hotrods of old, dares you to take a rip at it with this bulldog of a driver.

      In less than three years the Encore has achieved something quite amazing. It took Australia's long drive program by storm winning virtually every event held, eight trophies in all. That is something that has never been achieved by any manufacturer, let alone any single clubhead model. But that wasn't good enough for us, the Encore hopped over and lapped the filed in Tasmania for their National Championships and on the way back home, made a stop in South Africa to remind the good folks down there that SMT Golf was much more than just the 455 Deep Bore, and won their National Championship as well.

      The Encore, like it smaller sibling the Spectrum, features the three sided wrap around soleplate design which raises the center of gravity to a point where it actually reduces the spin profile of this clubhead allowing your tee shot to return to the fairway at a much more shallow angle for more roll after impact.

      Golfing Magazine recognized the Encore with their prestigious Editors Choice Award for Value, and thousands of players around the world have finally found the driver that they have been searching for in the Encore.

      Like all current SMT drivers, the face is totally void of scorelines to preserve the integrity of the structure.

      You will find your Encore to play lower than stated loft, regardless of the loft chosen to fit your game, so be sure to plan for lower ball flight when choosing your new Encore clubhead.

      Pick up an Encore today and see what hitting last from the fairway feels like for a change.

      All SMT drivers come with a free SMT headcover

      SMT clubs supplied with Black Wrap SMT golf grip and matching ferrule free of charge.

      Clubhead only - Shaft not included


      BrandSMT Golf

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