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Softspikes Black Widow Soft Spikes

Black Widow Soft Spikes

In the world of plastic golf cleats, one stands above the rest. It's the Black Widow by Softspikes®.

Black Widow cleats are the overwhelming choice of touring professionals, with more worldwide wins than all other competitive cleats combined.

But it's not just tour players who trust their games to the high-performance benefits of these cleats. Golfers of all skill levels have embraced the superior traction and comfort of Black Widow™.

The Black Widow™ was the first golf cleat to feature Dynamic Cleat Technology™. The dynamic movement of DCT gives Black Widow™ exceptional grip, and allows the cleat to flex on putting surfaces for unmatched green friendliness.

So stay ahead of the competition. Step up to Black Widow™ and see where it can take your game.

Black Widow™ cleats are available in the Fast Twist™ insert system, the Q-FIT™ insert system, small metal thread, and large plastic thread. Now, no matter what brand of shoes you wear, you can step up to Black Widow™

BlackWidow Soft Spikes