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Choosing The correct Grip Size

Having the correct grip size is essential for all players, as a grip which is too thin can often cause an early release, resulting in a pull or hook. A grip which is too thick for a player will often cause the player to block or slice the ball.

A larger grip (built up, midsize or Jumbo) would benefit..

A player with large(r) hands.
A player who consistently draws or hooks the ball.
A player with arthritus who struggles to hold and smaller grip.
A player whose fingers wrap round the grip and dig into their palm.

A smaller grip (ladies, ladies built up) would benefit..

A player with small(er) hands.
A player who consistently slices or fades the ball.
A player who requires more clubhead 'feel'.
A player whose fingers do not fully encircle the grip.

Grip Core Size

The core size (internal diameter of the grip) is also a key piece of information when selecting your grip.
The chart below shows how using different grip cores on different shaft diameters can affect the size of your grip.
Of course you can also change the size of these grips by using additional layers of grip tape to thicken the grips or by stretching the grip to make them thinner.

Grip Sizing

The table below shows you how different grip sizes can be achieved using different numbers of layers of tape and core sizes.