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A Step By Step Guide To Re-Gripping Your Golf Clubs

The Golf Grip is the only point of contact between the player and the club so it is essential that the grip both feels comfortable and performs well.

Golf grips which are worn or shiny will give less grip to the player (especially in wet weather) and can cause the club to slip in the hand and decrease the accuracy of the shot. Grip deterioration is a gradual process, so often you don't notice how bad a condition your grip is, until you feel a new grip. It is recommended that if you play regular golf then you should regrip your clubs at least once a year. Even if you don't play regularly, the grips will need replaced overtime.

Worn grips can also cause you to grip the club harder than you are supposed to, which again can cause irregular shots.

So don't needlessly drop shots in your game, make sure your grips are in good condition

With a few simple instructions re-gripping is a relatively simple task to do yourself, and is a task which is often forgotten about.

With the below Video and guide, we show you how it is simple to regrip your clubs your self.

Preparation & tools required

New set of grips
Stanley/Utility knife preferably with a hooked blade (Prevents cutting into a graphite shaft)
Double sided grip tape (either ¾” tape or the wider 2” tape)
Grip solvent or regular white spirits
A vice clamp for securing your clubs

Removing your old grip

Make sure to cut away from your body and having the club secured in a vice, use a Stanley knife with a hooked blade, (ideal for graphite and steel shafts), to cut, starting at the lip, along the length of the grip. Peel the cut grip off of the shaft and make sure and scrape all of the old tape from the shaft.

Taping the shaft

If using the ¾" tape, wrap the tape in a spiral motion around the shaft without overlapping and making sure to not go down the shaft further than the end of the new grip and extending about a ½" past the end of the shaft. Now peel the backing paper from the tape and twist the end of the tape and insert it into the end of the shaft, to prevent solvent entering the shaft.

If using the 2" tape, apply a strip of tape lengthwise along the shaft, beginning where the grip ends and extending ½" beyond the butt end of the shaft. Remove the paper backing, wrap the tape around the shaft, and twist the end of the tape and push it inside the shaft.

The new grip

Cover the vent hole of the grip with either your finger or a golf tee and pour solvent/white spirits into the grip. Pour the solvent from the grip over the tape on the shaft, wetting it thoroughly, and then quickly push the grip onto the shaft and slide the grip on with a smooth motion until you feel the shaft butt up against the end of the grip. You may need to pinch the end of the grip to open the mouth up wide enough to push onto the shaft.


Lastly remove club from vice and set the up in the normal playing position and make sure that the grip is on straight. If there are any alignment lines or marks on the front of the grip, make sure they are rotated towards the front. Twist the grips to achieve the desired alignment.

Allow about 10 hours for the grips to dry before using.